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  • October 10, 2011
  • meesha
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When a colleague and I had the idea to start a network for women CEOs of nonprofits in Southwestern PA last year, we asked Evy Severino and Nancy Furbee to help us make it happen. They listened to our needs and custom-designed a series of short leadership experiences that gave us new perspectives and tools to use in our organizations. Even more important, they helped us create a community of executives who can pick up the phone and call each other when we are stuck. Nancy and Evy brought outstanding expertise and were the glue that held our group together. 

Bobbi Watt Geer, Ph.D., President & CEO 
United Way of Westmoreland County

Evy is able to zero in on the key issues and respectfully move people from where they are to where they need to be.

Jean Nagy, Founder, The Bottom Line Doctor

In a highly organized, productive manner, Evy got us all talking about the things that we wanted to improve in our office. We realized that our priorities and problems were all similar, but that we had different ways of expressing them. In three hours, we isolated primary pain points and developed actionable solutions that we will carry out ourselves.

3 weeks later, we’re still elbow deep in implementation. Our session with Evy was truly a turning point for our office. Overall morale has improved, and we all share a sense of shared purpose and commitment to bettering our work environment.

Christina Keffer, Website Marketing Manager

The national manager’s meeting went even better than expected. We achieved our desired outcomes…GREAT exercises.

Sales Vice President
Major Pharmaceuticals Company

Evy is very, very compassionate – you feel she is right there with you.

Director, Cleveland Clinic


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