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  • October 10, 2011
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Evy is an expert executive coach who brings the right mix of business acumen/experience, creativity and functional knowledge. Based on my experience, I am confident that Evy is equipped to provide excellent results in any situation. I am in the process of engaging her for a second coaching opportunity and she is on the top of my list of go-to consultants/coaches outside of my organization.

Karen Zelenski
Executive HR Director
Bayer HealthCare

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Evy with a fledgling CEO group I was co-chairing. Evy worked with me to help the group evolve, developing trust and refining the interpersonal coaching and problem-solving skills of the group over the course of a year. She helped me take the group from a mere idea to a fully-formed CEO peer group engaging in coaching and real-time problem-solving, using practical tools with broad and useful application. I’ve used the tools from my work with Evy in all aspects of my professional career, and carried them into my personal life, as well.

Kara Rutowoski, Executive Director
The Early Learning Institute


I gained a tremendous amount of value from working with Evy. She helped me uncover the characteristics and traits that define my personality and form the basis for my behavior patterns. We used these insights to come up with plans and approaches for increasing my effectiveness in the workplace. I was also able to leverage some of these learnings into my personal life.

Financial Services Executive, Fortune 200


When I initially hired Evy as my coach, part of me wanted someone just to tell me what to do! But that’s not how things went, which was definitely for the better.  She guided me to let my own path unfold.After four months of coaching, I have a new confidence and a higher level of ownership for my job. I am more mindful in how I approach interactions at work and at home. And, I am taking some tools with me to use on my own. 

Director, Non-Profit


Coaching with Evy helped me through a tough time and got me started off on the right foot in my new position. 

Association Executive

Working with Evy was not “work.” The process was structured but flexible to allow room for my personal preferences and she never held back!  She was on the journey with me to guide me outside of my comfort zone in a smooth and unthreatening way.

High Potential Manager
Fortune 100 Company

Thank you for helping me to grow as a person and more fully connect to the joy in my professional life. Thank you for helping me see again, more clearly, what matters most.

Pharmaceuticals Company

Evy is a highly skilled, gentle, honest, and effective coach. I credit my time with Evy for allowing me to grow professionally, for helping me to accept both work and life challenges, and for helping me see the gifts and strengths I can offer a work team.

Sr. Consultant
Global Consulting Firm

I rejected the idea of a coach for many years. Evy is different: She carefully tailors her approach to my situation; she listens deeply and hears things that I’m saying which show me my barriers and open doors; she provides honest, pin-point observations – some uncomfortable to listen to; and she asks questions that help me guide my journey daily, beyond the coaching session. Perhaps the most valuable skill she’s taught me is how to listen to myself and correct my course immediately.

By applying what I’m learning, I’m not only enjoying my life more but it’s contagious – it’s helping the people around me see things more optimistically and understand where they can make things better too. I asked Evy to help me get back into my “Zone”. Well, the Zone she’s helping me find is far beyond what I had in mind…and I’m excited to get deeper into it!

Global Corporation


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